Anti-Bribery And Corruption Policy

Hong Leong Insurance (Asia) Limited (“HLIA”) takes a zero-tolerance position on bribery and corruption and is guided by our corporate values which call upon us to act professionally, fairly and with integrity in our business dealings and relationships. In relation to this, we are fully committed to implementing and enforcing practices and systems that ensure corruption and bribery are prevented at all levels at HLIA. 

1. Introduction

Hong Leong Insurance (Asia) Limited (“HLIA”) has established an Anti-Bribery And Corruption Policy (“ABC Policy”) which seeks to ensure HLIA’s business dealings and relationships are free from corrupt practice.

2. Scope

The ABC Policy applies to all directors, employees (whether temporary, fixed-term, or permanent), trainees, seconded staffs, casual workers, agency staffs, volunteers, interns of HLIA.


HLIA also expects any person associated with HLIA such as agents, partners, contractors, subcontractors, consultants, representatives and any person or entity performing work or services for or on behalf of HLIA (collectively as “Associated Persons”) to comply with the ABC Policy when performing such work or services.


Where HLIA participates in but does not control a joint venture relationship, it will encourage such joint venture partners to meet the requirements of the ABC Policy in both the joint venture and their own operations.

3. Principles

HLIA has zero-tolerance for corruption.


HLIA is committed to acting professionally, fairly, and with integrity in all business dealings and relationships and to implementing and enforcing the ABC Policy to prevent and detect corrupt activities.


HLIA, its Board of Directors and senior management do not condone or consent to any person:

  1. corruptly soliciting, receiving or agreeing to receive any gratification whether for himself or for any other person; or
  2. corruptly giving, agreeing to give, promising or offering to any person any gratification whether for the benefit of himself or of another person, including with intent to obtain or retain business for HLIA or an advantage in the conduct of business for HLIA.


HLIA upholds all laws and regulatory requirements relating to corruption in all the jurisdictions in which it operates.

4. Due Diligence

To ensure that Associated Persons share HLIA’s stance against corruption, HLIA shall undertake due diligence to assess the integrity of the Associated Persons prior to entering into any formalized relationship with them and periodically thereafter.

5. Review and Enforcement

The Internal Audit Department or external auditor shall conduct regular reviews to assess the performance, efficiency and effectiveness of the ABC Policy. Material findings will be presented to the Board of Directors.


HLIA treats any violation of the ABC Policy seriously and will undertake necessary actions, including, but not limited to, review of employment or appointment, disciplinary actions, dismissal, and reporting to the authorities, consistent with the relevant laws and regulations.